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Year Title Category
1956 Mediation variables in scientific theory. Psychology
1956 The validity of the successive intervals method of psychometric scaling. Psychometrics
1957 Secondary extinction of lever-pressing behavior in the albino rat. Psychology
1958 Is Epimenides still lying? Philosophy
1958 The logic of color words. Philosophy
1958 What is learned?--an empirical enigma. Psychology
1959 On the probability of non-recurring events Philosophy
1960 A note on Carnap's meaning criterion. Philosophy
1960 Do stimuli elicit behavior?--A study in the logical foundations of behavioristics. Philosophy
1960 Empirical Realism and Classic Semantics: A parting of the ways. Philosophy
1960 On the equivalence of scientific theories Philosophy
1960 The fallacy of the null-hypothesis significance test. Psychology
1961 Formal analysis and the language of behavior theory. Psychology
1961 Ontological induction and the logical typology of scientific variables. Philosophy
1961 The untenability of Luce's Principle. Psychology
1962 Intentionality and existence. Philosophy
1962 The factual content of theoretical concepts. Philosophy
1964 Of selection operators and semanticists. Philosophy
1965 Foundations of the theory of prediction. Psychometrics
1965 Linear correlations between sets of variables. Psychometrics
1965 The concept of memory. Psychology
1966 Scaling theory and the nature of measurement. Philosophy
1967 Conditioned generalization, cognitive set, and the structure of human learning. Psychology
1967 Why I know so much more than you do. Philosophy
1968 New dimensions of confirmation theory. Philosophy
1968 The theory of abstract partials--an introduction. Psychometrics
1969 Compositional structure in recall. Psychology
1969 New mysteries for old: The transfiguration of Miller's paradox. Philosophy
1969 Review of Bakan, D. On method. Psychology
1969 Review of Fodor, J. A. Psychological Explanation. Psychology
1969 Review of Lord, F., & Novick, M. R. Statistical theories of Mental Test Scores. Psychometrics
1970 Principles of Psychological Research Psychology
1970 Review of Rosenbleuth, A. Mind and Brain. Psychology
1970 The art of metascience; or, what should a psychological theory be? Psychology
1970 The crisis in philosophical semantics. Philosophy
1971 New dimensions of confirmation theory II: The structure of uncertainty. Philosophy
1972 Comments on papers by Hammond, Metzger, Wilson, Pribram. Psychology
1972 Problems in the psycho-philosophy of knowledge. Psychology
1972 Scientific inference: The myth and the reality. Psychology
1973 Comments on Pawlik's paper. Psychology
1973 Dispositions revisited. Philosophy
1974 Perception: The learning tradition Psychology
1975 What is semantics a theory of, and how do I know there are such things? Philosophy
1976 Formal discussion (of Dr. Cooney's paper and implications of the conference as a whole). Pp. 65-70. Psychology
1977 Metathink--a radical alternative. Philosophy
1977 The synthetic significance of analytic statements. Philosophy
1978 Domain validity--why care? Psychometrics
1978 Estimation of cross-validated multiple correlation: A clarification. Psychology
1978 Foundations of system structure
Ch 5 | Ch 6
1978 The logic of unboundedly reactive systems. Philosophy
1979 On behavioral theories of reference. Philosophy
1979 Ridge regression: Bonanza or beguilement? Psychology
1979 Sensitivity of a linear composite of predictor items to differential item weighting. Psychometrics
1980 Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Representations Philosophy
1980 Nicod's criterion: Subtler than you think. Philosophy
1981 Complexities of Mediation Structure
Ch 1 | Ch 2
1981 The cross-validational accuracy of sample regressions. Psychometrics
1982 Let's dump hypothetico-deductivism for the right reasons. Philosophy
1982 The determinacy of common factors in large item domains. Psychometrics
1982 The logic of representation. Psychology
1983 Can information be de-cognitized? Psychology
1984 Dispositions do explain; or, picking up the pieces after Hurricane Walter. Psychology
1984 The dark side of Skinnerian epistemology. Psychology
1986 Average behaviorism is unedifying. Psychology
1986 Mentality and the deeper logic of lawfulness
Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3 | Ch 4 | Ch 5 | Ch 6
1987 Quadratic factor analysis. Psychometrics
1988 Factor indeterminacy: The saga continues. Psychology
1989 Internal correlation: The relational statistic of choice? Psychometrics
1989 The reliability of a linear composite of non-equivalent subtests. Psychometrics
1990 Hypothetico-deductivism is a fraud. Psychology
1990 Whatever happened to broad perspective? Psychometrics
1991 Conceptual rigor: Where is it? Psychology
1991 HYBALL: A method for subspace-constrained oblique factor rotation. Psychometrics
1991 Postscript to The reliability of a linear composite of non-equivalent subtests . Psychometrics
1991 Theory & practice of analytic hyperplane optimization. Psychometrics
1992 The glory of suboptimal factor rotation Psychometrics
1993 How well do criterion-optimizing routines for factor rotation in fact optimize? Psychometrics
1995 Toward more effective metatheory: A response to Kukla. Psychology
1996 Factor-indeterminacy issues are not linguistic confusions. Psychometrics
1996 What might common factors be? Psychometrics
1997 Good science is abductive, not hypothetico-deductive. Psychology
2000 Rotation to recover factors lacking pure indicators
Part 1 | Part 2
2005 Meehl on metatheory.
Extract | Complete
2008 The problematic importance of hypotheses. Psychology
2009 Some esoteric aspects of SEM that its practicioners should want to know. Psychometrics
1970s Dynamic analysis of multivariate process data. Psychometrics
1990s HYBLOCK: A routine for exploratory factoring of block-structured data. Psychometrics
1990s Rank-minimizing communalities revisited. Psychometrics
1990s Recovery of complex source structure by common-factoring. Psychometrics