Hyball tools packages

August, 2004

To download advanced-EFA package Hyball or data-simulation package Gendata from the Univ. of Alberta Psychology Dept. http website:

1. Use the lefthand menu to locate the file you wish to download

Click on the download link and save the file to the directory you have created for holding the Hyball and/or Gendata programs ("GEN" or "HYBL" is a convenient name for that if nothing better occurs to you).
Please read the README.TXT files which will overview the other files in this package.

If your download is GENPAK, after reading READ_1ST.TXT (which you may want to revisit occasionally) turn to SIMDATA.TXT, this package's main documenation, for detailed guidance on how to use these programs preceded by the theory, both computational and model-theoretic conceptual, on which they are grounded. Hyball's main documentation is in README.TXT.

You can read READ_1ST.TXT, and all the other textfiles (extensions TXT and FOR) in Windows Notepad; but all the production programs (extension EXE) run in DOS, either stand-alone or a DOS window that you should expand to full-screen size.

To run any EXE-file, type its basename at the DOS prompt in the subdirectory you want to collect the production results and hit Enter. If the program needs input created previously, files containing that must also be in this subdirectory.