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News and Announcements

September 9 - DISCUSSION GROUPS!!!
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Ivanka Daki Montresor
Jep Angela Jene
Mike Rubina Mollyc
  • Make sure you type your user name in the way it is presented (the discussion manager is case sensitive)
  • Try out a post to make sure you are set up correctly 
  • Feel free to use your discussion group to get to know each other
  • Please remember your netiquette 

September 28 - Midterm 1 Info is up!

I've posted the objectives and a couple of sample questions for Midterm 1.  You are not responsible for anything that is not in the objectives.  Conversely, and more importantly, you are responsible for everything that is in the objectives!

Good luck studying.  Hopefully the midterm won't be too onerous.  But don't forget to attend the midterm on MONDAY, Oct. 5.

October 12 - Parenting debate

Remember our discussion about the role of parents?  Judith Rich Harris' book, The Nurture Assumption, has sparked a lot of debate.  This debate is being covered in the Psychology Place, a great web site for psychology students.  Check out the latest Editorial and discussion on the role of parents.

October 23 - DISCUSSION!!!!

Okay, so we agreed: