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Whether you want to participate in a wide-ranging liberal arts program at the crossroads of the Arts and Sciences, gain basic background for a mental health career, or contribute to advanced study and research, we are the place to explore your potential, broaden your horizons, and develop your skills. We are committed to: (a) providing an outstanding learning environment; (b) building a vibrant research community; and (c) participating in the University's aspirations to become one of the world's leading academic institutions.

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Congratulations to Justine Smith (BA, Psychology) for winning the Douglas E. Smith Medal in Arts and to Jasmine Nathoo (BA Honours, Psychology) for winning the Alison White/ Faculty of Arts Honours Prize!
Why Psychology?
Find out why the study of psychology is so important and why it might be the field for you. (more)

Department News
Kyle MathewsonKyle Mathewson has developed new technologies relevant to wearables – all to help him study the human brain in the real world. What does that mean for the mobile industry? (more)

Shez KassamShez Kassam, a fourth year BSc Specialization Psychology student, was recently featured in a Faculty of Science Contours article "Winning more than awards: the journey of an undergrad". (more)

Graduate awards
Psychology graduate students are successful in winning scholarships and awards in competitions ranging from national and provincial to institutional and departmental. (more)

Researcher Highlight
Fred ColbourneDr. Fred Colbourne is a Canada Research Chair in Intracerebral Hemorrhagic Stroke. His research uses animal models of stroke, especially intracerebral hemorrhagic, to study mechanisms of injury and repair, and to develop and evaluate experimental therapies that lessen cell death and promote functional recovery. (more)

Academic Profile
Taka Masuda Differences across cultures and how individuals’ psychological processing is influenced by culture has been garnering attention and emerging as a hot topic in the research community, Dr. Takahiko Masuda, who has spent many years exploring the subject, is at the forefront of this field. (more)

Jeff Bisanz Attending an inner-city high school in the Detroit area gave Dr. Jeff Bisanz an education in poverty and racism. “I wound up knowing a lot about [social issues] and wondering what could be done,” he says. (more)