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Whether you want to participate in a wide-ranging liberal arts program at the crossroads of the Arts and Sciences, gain basic background for a mental health career, or contribute to advanced study and research, we are the place to explore your potential, broaden your horizons, and develop your skills. We are committed to: (a) providing an outstanding learning environment; (b) building a vibrant research community; and (c) participating in the University's aspirations to become one of the world's leading academic institutions.

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Congratulations to Allison Hahn who won an Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize and also to Mantou Lou who was awarded a Taiwan Studies Research Grant.
Department News
Just when winter classes have just concluded, the Psychology students in the Honours program came together in one event, the Brian Harder Honours Day Conference, to showcase the projects they have been working on for the whole year. (more)

Kim CampbellFormer Prime Minister Kim Campbell recently spoke at the Brian Harder Honors Day Conference about "Psychology: What Leaders Need to Know". (video)

Upcoming Events
Presentation. Apr 24, 9:00am, BS-P226. "Culture and Decision: cross-cultural similarities and variations in resource allocation between european canadians and east asians".

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Graduate awards
Psychology graduate students are successful in winning scholarships and awards in competitions ranging from national and provincial to institutional and departmental. (more)

Researcher Highlight
Cor BaerveldtCor Baerveldt is a cultural psychologist trying to understand what sets human psychology apart from the psychology of other animals. To this end his work focuses on the normative structure of human conduct, as embodied in language, ritual and other forms of stylized embodied expression. A particular focus of interest in his work is the creative or generative nature of human behaviour. (more)

Academic Profile
Elena NicoladisFrom an interest in the motivations of speaking a second language to a full-fledged devotion in uncovering the nuts and bolts of language, gesture and thought, Elena Nicoladis (‘95 PhD) reveals the workings of a Renaissance psycholinguist. (more)

Peter HurdFrom the gritty punk shows of Ottawa to the esteemed lecture theaters of Stockholm University, Dr. Peter Hurd has studied aggression throughout the world. (more)