There will be two mid-terms and a final. The first mid-term will cover chapters 1-4 in the text. The second mid-term will cover chapters 5-8. The final will cover all chapters in the text book, but emphasis will be given to the last four chapters covered (i.e., 9, 10, 12, & 14).

All exams will be written (i.e., not multiple choice). Questions will be in the form of definitions, short answers, and "long" answers.

If you miss an exam you will require a doctor's note to avoide receiving a zero for the test. The weight from any missed exam will be transferred to the final exam. There will be no rewrites.

Exam Weights

First mid-term: 20%

Second mid-term: 20%

Final: 35%

Exam Schedule

First mid-term: 19 July

Second mid-term: 1 August

Final: 16 August

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